Museum für Film und Fernsehen

Interiors & Architecture, Signage & Environmental Graphics, Campaigns

Integrated program of signage, wayfinding and environmental graphics for a major German film archive based in Berlin.

The Museum für Film und Fernsehen (MFF) is a major German film archive, based in Berlin. Since creating the logo and brand identity for the museum in 2006, Pentagram has been responsible for the design of all subsequent exhibitions and campaigns.

The museum occupies four floors of the Helmuth Jahn designed Sony Center in Potsdamer Platz. The layout of the MFF was difficult for visitors to navigate, with the central atrium acting as a physical divide between exhibition spaces. To combat this, Pentagram designed an integrated program of signage, wayfinding and environmental graphics that work with the architecture to direct people around the museum.

Reflecting the bold and engaging visual language of the MFF logo, a zigzagging ribbon emblazons the internal atrium walls, acting as a linking device between the museum's multiple floors. Floor-plan supergraphics have been integrated into the twisting motif, alongside the faces of iconic film personalities. Visible from the atrium, these graphics act as a visual mark for each floor and are designed to effortlessly guide visitors through the museum.

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