Unesco Futures Literacy Summit

Brand Identity

Identity and virtual environment for Unesco’s online Futures Literacy Summit.

Pentagram has created a vibrant identity and the virtual environment for Unesco’s Futures Literacy Summit which is scheduled to take place online on 8-12 December 2020.

Unesco has been leading the discussion on Futures Literacy, an area of skill that explores scenarios for the future. It aims to engage governments, NGOs, universities, business leaders, and other major organisations in exploring future scenarios for many aspects of society, the way we live and interact with each other and the environment. Unesco’s ambition is to make Futures Literacy an essential skill for countries and regions across the globe.

The event was planned initially to take place in the iconic Unesco headquarters in Paris, but due to the pandemic the plan changed towards creating a fully online event. The event will be led by Unesco’s Head of Futures Literacy and internationally acclaimed Futures Literacy pioneer Riel Miller. Participants in the Summit will include Ministers, Government leaders, Ambassadors and thought leaders from many disciplines.

Pentagram created a moving identity that conveys the spirit of an ecosystem where ideas spark, collide, merge, grow and develop, reflecting this innovative and forward-thinking approach.

This universe is constantly changing, but made of a family of components crafted and animated in 3D which represent ideas, thoughts, systems, which are unusual, using colours such as purple and mustard which are also unfamiliar and surprising.

Brand Identity
Marina Willer
Project team
Hamlet Auyeung
Cleber de Campos
Marta Gaspar
Rita Desport
Kate Blewett
Marie Dommenget (3D Motion Designer)
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