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An evolved identity for the global initiative tracking the world’s progress.

Goalkeepers is a global initiative dedicated to accelerating progress towards the UN Global Sustainability Goals. Across various events, programs, and published reports, Goalkeepers highlights progress achieved toward the 17 goals, holds governments accountable, and brings together a new generation of leaders to address the world’s major challenges. The initiative’s key output is the annual Goalkeepers Report, which each year records the statistics and metrics that help the world community evaluate progress towards achieving the Goals—a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all."

To usher in Goalkeepers’s next chapter, Pentagram created a new design system and evolved visual identity for the brand. The new system is bold, graphic, and colorful, marking a decidedly youthful spirit that was missing in the brand’s previous look. The entire visual language revolves around a precise 10.6-degree angle, a slant derived from the iconic SDG wheel mark. This slant motif is carried through in all aspects of the brand, serving as a container for information, a frame for photography, or expressive ornamentation. A refined word mark also echoes this same geometry, employing Commercial Type’s Giorgio Sans, and includes a tweaked SDG wheel. Multiple lock-ups and sized logos, including a monogram version, were also created to optimize the brand for many different types of applications, across print, digital, and out-of-home. 

While Goalkeepers’ new brand is now more fresh and contemporary, its usability has also been deeply improved. The system was developed to be intuitive and highly flexible, allowing any of Goalkeepers’ worldwide partners to easily implement without training. Care was taken to ensure accessibility and legibility was preserved across typography and color palettes. Extensive guidelines were created to help Goalkeepers and its collaborators deploy the brand consistently across markets and touchpoints, governing use of color, typography, and the ethical use of photography.

In addition to creating the system, Pentagram also designed a comprehensive suite of templates expressing the new brand. These templates show how the new system can feel at turns serious and formal for research reports, while also joyful and exuberant for social media posts. Since data are at the heart of Goalkeepers’ mission, custom data visualization styles were also created to demonstrate how the system can extend to unique graphs and charts.

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